Kandle Kween was established January 2021 in Chattanooga, TN by me, Kamesha Green. Believe it or not, this vision took place in the middle of a nail appointment and as I started my business I grew to love the process. My candle business was created during a time of healing and growth within myself. As I learned more about making candles I realized that the perfect candle required the right amount of ingredients. I actually had to research and put effort into making them great and this process slowly began to reflect my life. In the midst of creating my candles, I learned that happiness in life requires the right amount of ingredients too. Too much or too less of something can completely change our reality just as it can change a candle. So, when a customer lights a candle from Kandle Kween, I hope the smell makes them smile and brings joy to their life because this business has restored the light in my life I thought I had once lost.